Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ironbridge Archaeology Van (iii)

Update! A Draft Project Design is now available on the Contemporary Archaeology page of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum website.


Blogger apiccini said...

The draft plan makes it absolutely clear why this project is important and is a useful riposte to all the naysayers.

If some think it a waste of time to investigate the van archaeologically because we have other sources of information, surely that undermines all archaeological practice in 'historical' periods. We know better than that.

The Van project has a lot in common with established ethnohistory and contemporary archaeology research practices and potentially raises very interesting questions about how we remember (and forget) alongside the micro/forensic data that the project will produce. The archaeology will stand in relationship with the other methods being used so there will be quite practical outputs from this in terms of best methodological practice.

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