Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ironbridge Archaeology Van (iv)

The Bristol team have begun work on the van and have prepared this first interim report. John Schofield writes...

The Van – first news
Work has now started on The Van. On Monday Cassie and John started surveying the interior of the van, and mapping some of the artefacts. This has continued, and today – Wednesday – Anna arrived to begin sampling the van for her forensic investigations. A wide range of materials were collected including hair, rust, screws and nails of various kinds, window glass, a fruit stone and what may be tiny sherds of pottery. The interior is now largely clear. Greg has been filming and taking sound recordings of the entire process, and interviewing some of our visitors. Work begins on the engine tomorrow. Some photographs of the site, and the recording are included here. We continue work at least until next Friday, 28 July. Visitors are very welcome.

The site in landscape context.

Front elevation

Our list of tasks for engine checks, after Haynes.

Artefact scatter in the rear of the van.


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