Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ironbridge Archaeology Van (vii)

Welcome to all who are visiting via the BBC website and from the discussion on Britarch. Please scroll down to see earlier posts about the project. Work on the van continues and further exciting discoveries have been made, including more coins and other debris from the van's working life. Analysis of the structure itself has also found evidence for former uses - illicit as well as official.

Some comments already made by correspondents to the Britarch list include...

" will add much to the Daily Mirror's fun and nothing to the profession's credibility" (Nigel Swift)

"Discussion of the goings on at Bristol Uni reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from a fieldwork report in Hertfordshire some time ago... 'During the excavation for the foundation of the Junior School, an entire car (dated to c.1935) was recovered. This was reported to the police, who confirmed that it had been stolen 20 years earlier'." (Mark Barratt)

We very much look forward to your comments - make them here by clicking on the '** comments' button below, or on Britarch or BAJR or wherever you like - but please let us know what you think!


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